by providing innovative payment processing solutions at an affordable price.

Brief Overview

Electronic Funds Company was founded in 1997 for the purpose of providing E-commerce to small and medium sized business. Our mission has been to provide companies of all types and sizes an adaptable, dependable and cost effective tools for automating and managing their payment processing functions. Many large companies and financial institutions have joined us because of the tremendous ease, customer demand and reliability of service. Our services have also been rebranded by numerous financial institutions, Electronic Funds Company has operated behind the scenes driving many of the most popular and innovative payment processing solutions. We provide numerous types of Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), services from Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Check21, BOC (Back Office Conversion), Payroll, Electronic Check Re-Deposit, Point of Sale Conversion of paper checks into electronic transactions and Lockbox Truncation.

Our software is web based so our customers always have the most up to date/upgraded software, all the while designed to give any business complete internal control. The software will export and import from most accounting packages.

We at Electronic Funds understand the concerns of customers when it comes to moving money. We offer exceptional technology that enhances the electronic movement of money for business and the financial community. Our products and services assist our customers in the management of electronic payments promptly, correctly and securely. Our goal is to help our customers increase cash flow and productivity while reducing risk and costs by using our advanced payment processing system.

Our objective is to under promise and over deliver every time we perform a service for a customer.

We help make your business more efficient.

Up to Date Technology

Up to Date Technology

Our software is constantly being upgraded to ensure that your company is always 10 steps ahead of your competition.

Premium Support

Premium Support

Our years of customer service experience allow us to help you integrate new procedures seamlessly and within a timely manner.

Numerous Payment Solutions

Numerous Payment Solutions

We offer a plethora of customizable payment services that give our clients the ability to grow quickly and effortlessly.


ACH Processing

  • Recurring Payments
  • Online Electronic Web Checks
  • Checks by Fax or Phone
  • Point of Sale Truncation

Check 21 Remote Deposit

  • back office conversion
  • accounts receivable conversion
  • FAXTellerPLUS

Credit/debit Card Processing

  • accept credit card payments

Returned Item Processing

  • electronic check re-deposit (RCK)
  • centralized returns

Additional Services

  • direct depsit payroll
  • electronic tax payments
  • accounts payable

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