Accounts Payable


Managing the accounts payable process can prove costly. The challenge you face is managing your cash flow without missing payments or incurring late charges. Just think of what you could accomplish if you were able to make your payments precisely on the invoice due date, no sooner and no later. This is difficult to achieve if you’re still depending upon the postal service to meet your invoice deadlines. Well, now you can depend upon a much more reliable process that will make your payments electronically. And it’s only available to select Electronic Funds Corp. customers.

Electronic Fund Transfers or EFT’s are most commonly used for Direct Deposit of Payroll and Accounts Receivable functions. They are safe, convenient and very cost effective. As this form of automated bill payment has become increasingly popular with both businesses and consumers, more and more uses for this technology are being found. Accounts Payable is one of those.

Applying the Accounts Payable function using an EFT is quite simple. You debit your own account and credit your vendors’ account on the due date.

While every bank has the capability of processing an EFT, few provide the customer service needed to support an Accounts Payable function. Electronic Funds Corp has both the software and the service commitment to make the Accounts Payable function a successful part of an overall automated bill payment process. Unlike the banks, Electronic Funds Corp serves its clients by:

– providing EFT software to give you control over this process
– using the EFT for Windows ASCII format that allows direct downloads from your existing AP system   WITHOUT re-keying of data
– processing a single transaction per vendor for multiple invoices.

We will work with you to tailor a process that lets you take advantage of EFT technology for your AP function. By doing so, you can maximize your short term investments which will offset the cost of this service many times over.