Receiving Checks by Phone or Fax

FAXACHEK is a “turnkey” system, offering all the tools and functionality you could possibly need to accept checks over the fax, telephone, e-mail, Internet or by modem. A more Cost Effective Payment Option & Collection Method Than the Credit Card!

  • It allows You to Accept Payments by Fax or Phone. Conforms to All American Banking Association rules and standards.
  • Taking payments from customers’ checking accounts by fax, e-mail or over the phone is becoming widely accepted by savvy customers and smart business owners throughout the United States.

What if your customer is among the 135 million individuals with a checking account
and one of 75 million with no plastic…….?

Will you be ready when someone asks: “Can I fax you a check?” WITH NO HASSLE…. NO FEES….

Customers give you authorization and checking account information over the Fax, Phone, e-mail. Upon receipt of a faxed check(s), enter the data into our ACH processing system under One Time Payments button

  • Get paid today, improve immediate cash flow
  • Expand market potential to the 75 million consumers who have checking accounts but no credit card and the 60 million consumers who have a credit card but who are at their limit, but have cash in their checking account
  • Increase impulse purchases
  • Reduce processing costs – taking checks over the phone or fax costs only pennies vs. merchant account fees from 1% to 5% of the sale
  • Protect yourself against credit card charge backs, C.O.D. charges or exorbitant returns
  • Increase collections, no more hearing the phrase “…the check is in the mail…”
  • Easy to use, very “friendly.”
  • Stop C.O.D. shipment returns

YES it is. Federal Banking Regulations and the Uniform Commercial Code permit this process of producing bank-drafts as well as under Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Telemarketing Sales rule 310.